GEOTEC HANOI 2019, Hanoi, November 2019

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GEOTEC HANOI 2019 (GH2019) was successfully organized at the National Convention Center, in Hanoi on 28-29 November 2019. With more than 800 attendees, from 40 countries, it is one of the biggest technical conferences so far in Vietnam. The conference proceeding consists of 187 papers, in which 168 were presented in three parallel conference halls.
Since 2011, the series of GEOTEC HANOI conferences has been organised by FECON, a leading geotechnical/infrastructure contractor in Vietnam, and the Vietnamese Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (VSSMGE), under the auspices of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). This year event has two other co-organisers, Thuyloi University (TLU), and Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd (KKC). GEOTEC HANOI 2019 is the 4th event of this conference series. Previous events were GH2011, GH2013, and GH2016.
Vietnam’s development over the past ten years has been remarkable. The total infrastructure investment has been sustained at 10 percent of GDP over an extended period of time. This has resulted in a rapid expansion of infrastructure stocks and improved access. Numerous large infrastructure projects have been constructed. The first metro lines in big cities are already started. Many large-scale railway, seaport and airport projects are being planned. The sustainability of the infrastructure, especially the issues related to geohazards & climate change causing subsidence, landslide and flood is always a major problem to be focused on. In order to help our countries, we believe that much experience and knowledge can be shared and learnt in the six conference technical sessions:
1) Deep Foundations,
2) Tunnelling and Underground Spaces,
3) Ground Improvement,
4) Landslide and Erosion,
5) Geotechnical Modelling and Monitoring,
6) Coastal Foundation Engineering.
This year, the keynote lectures are presented by Prof. Harry Poulos (Australia), Prof. Adam Bezuijen (Belgium), Prof. Delwyn Fredlund (Canada), Prof. Lidija Zdravkovic (UK), Prof. Masaki Kitazume (Japan), and Prof. Mark Randolph (Australia). We also have four invited lectures given by Prof. Charles Ng, ISSMGE President, Prof. Eun Chul Shin, ISSMGE Vice-President for Asia, Prof. Norikazu Shimizu (Japan), and Dr. Kenji Mori (Japan).
The Sven Hansbo Lecture has been instigated since GH2016 to honour Prof. Hansbo, a giant figure in the geotechnical world and who contributed significantly to the development of geotechnics in Vietnam and to the success of the conference series. The First Sven Hansbo Lecture was given by Prof. Bengt Fellenius in GH2016. We are honoured to have Prof. Harry Poulos to present the second Sven Hansbo Lecture in this GH2019.
Six keynote lectures and four invited lectures are:
• Sven Hansbo lecture: Deep foundation design – Issues, procedures and inadequacies, Prof. Harry Poulos (Australia);
• Keynote lecture: Soil-water-tunnel interaction at the front face of a TBM, Prof. Adam Bezuijen (Belgium);
• Keynote lecture: Recent development of quality control and assurance of deep mixing method, Prof. Masaki Kitazume (Japan);
• Keynote lecture: Developments in landslide analysis, D.G. Fredlund, Prof. Delwyn Fredlund (Canada);
• Keynote lecture: Application of advanced numerical analysis in geotechnical engineering design, Prof. Lidija Zdravkovic (UK);
• Keynote lecture: Considerations in the design of piles in soft rock, Prof. Mark Randolph (Australia);
• Special Invited lecture: Advancing engineering designs through geotechnical centrifuge modelling, Prof. Charles Ng (Hong Kong), ISSMGE President
• Special Invited lecture: Application geosynthetics in the construction of sea dike and shore protection, Prof. Eun Chul Shin (Korea), ISSMGE Vice-President for Asia;
• Invited lecture: New horizons in displacement monitoring using satellite technology in rock and geotechnical engineering, Prof. Norikazu Shimizu (Japan);
• Invited lecture: Recent trends in the development of deep mixing methods in Japan, Dr. Kenji Mori (Japan)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


The proceedings

The proceeding was e-published by the international publishing house, Springer, as “Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering” series, with:
• ISSN 2366-2557 ISSN 2366-2565 (electronic)
• ISBN 978-981-15-2183-6 ISBN 978-981-15-2184-3 (eBook)

A book of abstracts was also printed (hard copy & hard bound) by the Constuction Publishing House, Vietnam. The proceeding can be ordered through the conference website, or the conference secretariat mail address [email protected]

Dr. Phung Duc Long, VSSMGE President, co-chairman of the conference, made the welcome speech
Mr. Pham Viet Khoa, FECON President and chairman of the conference, made the opening speech
Special Invited lecture: Prof. Charles Ng, ISSMGE President
ISSMGE President handed gifts to VSSMGE key persons
Sven Hansbo lecture: Prof. Harry Poulos (Australia)
Keynote lecture: Prof. Lidija Zdravkovic (UK)
Keynote lecture: Prof. Masaki Kitazume (Japan)
Keynote lecture: Prof. Adam Bezuijen (Belgium)
Keynote lecture: Prof. Delwyn Fredlund (Canada)
Keynote lecture: Prof. Mark Randolph (Australia)
Special Invited lecture: Prof. Eun Chul Shin (Korea), ISSMGE Vice-President for Asia
Invited lecture: Dr. Kenji Mori (Japan)
Invited lecture: Prof. Norikazu Shimizu (Japan)
Picture at Closing ceremony

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