GEOTEC HANOI 2016, Hanoi, November 2016

Dr. Phung Duc Long, VSSMGE

GEOTEC HANOI 2016 was successfully organized on 24-25 November 2016 in Hanoi, with 600 attendees, of which 235 international, from 31 countries. The conference proceeding consists of 145 papers. 88 were presented in two parallel conference halls.

The First and Second GEOTEC HANOI conferences were successfully organized in 2011 and 2013. The conference’s main purpose was to provide a forum to interchange ideas, experience, and knowledge in the interest areas. Continuing from the success of the two previous event, the conference was decided to be held every third year in Hanoi.

Hosting the Third Conference are FECON Corporation, a leading geotechnical/infrastructure contractor in Vietnam and the Vietnamese Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (VSSMGE). We are grateful for the Japanese Geotechnical Society (JGS) having accepted to serve as international co-organizer. This year conference is held in a context of Vietnam experiencing the strongest development period ever. During the last five years, since the 2011 conference, numerous new large infrastructure projects have been constructed in Vietnam. Thousand kilometers of highway has been built. Construction of the first metro lines in Vietnam has been started in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam is one of the countries most impacted by climate change; our country is threatened by flooding and soil salinity, which problems call for geotechnical expertise. The conference organisers believe that much experience and knowledge will be shared and learnt in the five conference technical sessions:

  1. Deep Foundations,
  2. Underground Construction and Tunneling,
  3. Ground Improvement for Infrastructure Projects,
  4. Coastal Geotechnics for Climate Change, and
  5. Monitoring, Inspection and Maintenance.

Five keynote lectures were given by five speakers from four continents:

  1. “The Unified Design of Piled Foundations”, Prof. Bengt Fellenius (Canada);
  2. “Evaluation of different measures in reducing movements induced by deep excavation”, Prof. Chang-Yu Ou (Taiwan)
  3. “Drains and Vacuum for Soft Soil Stabilization – Recent Advances in Experimental and Numerical Modelling”, Prof. Buddhima Indraratna (Australia);
  4. “Geotechnical response to natural disasters in the context of climate change”, Prof. Kazuya Yasuhara (Japan);
  5. “Ground and structural response to tunneling – lessons learnt from three major projects in London”, Dr. Jamie Standing (United Kingdom).

GEOTEC HANOI 2016 instigates a special honor lecture named Sven Hansbo Lecture. Professor Hansbo, a giant figure in the geotechnical world, has contributed significantly to the development of geotechnics in Vietnam by direct advice, by taking Vietnamese students into his teaching programme in Sweden, and by his contributions to the first two conferences. A respectful Hansbo Lecture ceremony was made, in which Prof. Hansbo talked remotely from Sweden, with the conference audience. The First Sven Hansbo Lecture was presented by Prof. Bengt Fellenius.

The proceeding

The proceeding, with international registration number ISBN 978 604 82 1821 8, is very well-edited with international high-quality printing and hard-covered. The proceeding consists of approximately 1200 pages and includes 145 papers in English. A CD Rom is also provided with all the papers in colored pdf files. The proceeding can be ordered through the conference website

Feature Photographs

Dr. Phung Duc Long, VSSMGE president, co-chairman of the conference, made the opening speech
Mr. Pham Viet Khoa, FECON President and chairman of the conference, made the welcome speech
Conference Co-chairman, Prof. Towhata (Japan)
Hansbo Lecture Ceremony
Video clip Professor Sven Hansbo in Vietnam
Hansbo Lecture Ceremony – Prof. Hasbo talking with the conference audience from Stockholm, Sweden
1st Hansbo Lecture, given by Prof. Bengt Fellenius (Canada)
Keynote Lecture, Prof. Chang-Yu Ou (Taiwan)
Keynote Lecture, Prof. Buddhima Indraratna (Australia)
Keynote Lecture, Prof. Kazuya Yasuhara (Japan)
Keynote Lecture, Dr Jamie Standing (UK)
Part of conference audience
Conference Advisers, Prof. Rolf Katzenbach (Germany) and Dr. Bo Berggren (Sweden)
Conference’s key persons

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